Customer Support For Our Online Sock Market

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Phone #: 1-518-745-8460

Store locations:
NEW YORK: 1496 State RT 9 Lake George NY 12845
VERMONT: 99 Church St. Burlington VT 05401

1 Order Status
1.1 Has my order shipped?
We do our best to ship all orders within 24 hours. 48 hours for orders placed on Saturday.
1.2 How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?
To make an adjustment in your order please email us at [email protected] Please be aware that most orders are shipped within 24 hours.
1.3 How do I track my order?
Tracking numbers can be found under your accounts page.
1.4 My order never arrived
We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, please contact us so we can resolve this as soon as possible! 518-745-8460. Have your order number and name of person on billing info.
1.5 When will my back order arrive?
Unfortunately we currently do not offer back orders over the web. If you would like something we are currently out of, try calling one of out stores, they ship too!
1.6 How much will my shipping be?
Shipping is based off of a few things, first how large your package will be, second, how heavy, and third what shipping zone you live in. But we also off free shipping on any order that comes to more than $30.00!
1.7 Do you ship to my country?

Sorry but for the time being we only ship to the continental United States.

If you are interested we may be able to help by calling 518-745-8460
2 My Account Questions?
2.1 How do I creat an account?
At checkout you will be given the option to check out as either a guest or create an account. We highly recommend creating an account. This takes almost no extra time and allows you access to previous orders and saves time on future orders!
2.2 How do I edit my account?
You can change any information in your account once logged in using the edit features found next to each grouping. (i.e address and billing info)
2.3 I forgot my password.
Use the forgot password feature to reset your account.
3 Pricing and Billing
3.1 Do I have to pay sales tax?

The charging of sales tax is dependent on the state of purchase. Currently, sales tax is charged if you are shipping to Vermont, Maine or New York. This is determined by local taxing laws.

3.2 I have questions about my charges.
For all questions pertaining to a discrepancy in your bill please email us at. [email protected] or call us at 518-745-8460
3.3 I need a copy of my reciept.
Copies of your receipt can be found in your account page.
3.4 When will my refund credit appear on my card?

Once a refund or void has been issued this can take up to 5 days to show on your account depending on the providing bank. We credit immediately on request and any delay is often dependent on bank processing times.

3.5 What are my payment options?

We utilize PayPal services for all transactions. This does not mean you need a PayPal account however. you can check out as a guest using any major credit card through PayPal services and still have all of the security benefits offered through them.

4 Purchasing Help
4.1 How do I buy/redeem a gift card?
For gift cards please call our customer service number at 518-745-8460. In the near future you will be able to purchase gift cards directly from the website.
4.2 How do I navigate the site?
There are several ways to use this site. 1: Choose the appropriate category under the main headings (i.e mens, women's etc.) 2: Do an advanced search in the search bar (i.e turtle socks) 3: Search under brands. 4: Search by Manufacture. 5: Of course if you wish you can got to the bottom of the home page and select show all products if you have several hours to kill (we have a lot of socks!!)
4.3 How do I use a coupon code?
At checkout there is a box labeled code, use this coupon code here and all discounts or rebates will automatically be taken.
5 Need help with Socks?
5.1 Do you have medical needs socks?
We carry several styles and brands of Diabetic and Compression socks. Our Diabetic socks are designed to be nonrestrictive with seamless toes to aid in both circulation and discomfort caused from such things as Neuropathy. Compression socks are wonderful for those who need extra support for long days on their feet or for those recovering from certain surgical procedures.
5.2 What size socks do I wear?
Please see our sock length and size page under customer service at the bottom of the web page for a full detail of these descriptions.
5.3 Should I buy Wool or Cotton Socks?
This is probably our most asked question. Generally speaking, a blend of both can be the ideal sock for any season. Cotton has a wonderful feel and a comfortable wear. Wool can offer both warmth and insulation in the winter and in smaller quantities with cotton and synthetics can be an outstanding all season sport sock that wicks moisture and keeps your feet cool on the hottest days of summer. Bear in mind that wool does not have to coarse and itchy. Such wools as worsted and lambs can be just as soft as cotton and offer a wicking effect that allows them to be worn in all seasons. Wool and cotton blends are also found in extreme cold weather socks. In such designs, the wool content tends to be coarser and higher in content. When couples with a polypropylene liner this makes an unbeatable extreme weather combination.
5.4 What if I cant find the sock I want?
If you can't find the socks you're looking for, we may just be out of stock, but our web-store is very large so things can be hard to find sometimes. If you are having any trouble finding what you want, please give us a call and someone will help you get what you need! 518-745-8460
6 Cant find the Answer?
6.1 Having Technical Problems?
The fastest way for us to help you if you're having trouble with the web-store is to contact us through [email protected] If you have any questions about socks, give us a call at 518-745-8460.
6.2 Talk to a real person!

We try to answer all the questions we can think of but lets face it no ones perfect. So please call us direct. We love talking to our customers!


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