Women's Soft Step Diabetic Socks Creative Care


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These socks are designed for those with diabeties or ciculatory problems. Non-restrictive. They are made for people with an active lifestyle.

More than 30 million people living in the United States suffer from diabetes. One of the largest complaints of such suffers is foot irritation from improper socks. Diabetic patients complain about numerous issues with their socks, such as toe sensitivity, related to different severities of neuropathy. Such sensitivity is exasperated by socks with pronounced toes seams, socks with restrictive or too small a leg band. Many man made materials used in socks can cause foot irritation to diabetic sufferers. And in some rarer cases even the dye or bleach used in sock preparation can cause skin reactions.

Our socks offer a variety of styles that address these issues. Such as seamless toe socks, non-restrictive socks and high content natural cotton socks with minimal man made materials.

We even have socks that are unbleached un dyed socks for those sensitive to such things.

Contains 85% Cotton - 15% Nylon

By Creative Care

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