Over the Calf Compression Dress Socks Review

compression socks

If your day includes sitting for long periods of time, then there is a risk of blood pooling in the feet. This can lead to deep vein thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein within the legs. This can potentially be life threatening if the clot becomes loose and travels to the lungs or other vital areas of the body.

An easy and effective treatment to prevent this health risk is to start wearing compression socks. We at The Sox Market are proud to offer a sock that helps blood flow and looks like a normal dress sock. Compression socks are designed to compress the veins in your leg and reduce their diameter. This prevents pooling of blood within your feet when sitting for long periods of time.

For those with careers that revolve around the office, our Over the Calf Compression Dress Socks is a suitable choice for helping regain proper blood flow in your lower extremities. Choose from a variety of colors to match your current wardrobe. Our Over the Calf Compression Dress Socks come in black, navy and grey. You can find this product here at The Sox Market for a low wholesale price of $9.99.

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